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Reach YOUR Community

Our Vision and our Mission at Champion Life is outreach. Reaching out to those who have not heard. To those in need of what we enjoy and often take for granted. We believe those that are excited about religion run to church, those excited about the Gospel will run to the world! Jesus said, Go ye into all the World and Preach the Gospel.

We fully understand that for this vision to come to pass it will take those that desire to be used of God coming together for a mighty work. Our outreach has grown every year here in Fort Walton and we have seen Signs and Wonders that have followed the word. The signs and wonders can only follow the word if the word is on the move! It is on the move at Champion Life!

Our vision for outreach is extreme! But we believe we have tapped into the heartbeat of God...People! God loves people more than anything! If you are interested in changing peoples may need to join us!

Outreach: Give
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